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Monetize Your Sports Card Content With Our Private Ad Network

Through premium brand sponsorships, we empower publishers and content creators to maximize their revenue and enhance user experience.

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Maximize revenue

Earn More. Manage Less.

Hobbzi stands out from the crowd, providing publishers with a range of benefits and unparalleled monetization opportunities

Quality Advertisers

Gain access to our network of reputable advertisers specifically targeting the sports card industry.

Ad Placement Control

Maintain full control over the ads displayed on your platform, ensuring relevance and a seamless user experience.

Customizable Packages

Tailor your ad placements to meet your specific requirements and align with your audience's interests.

Timely Payments

Enjoy prompt payments and transparent revenue sharing models to maximize your earnings.

Ad formats

Ad Formats That Reach Your Audience in The Right Context 100% of The Time

Display Ads

Generate revenue by seamlessly integrating targeted ads into your website, maximizing user engagement.

Native Ads

Offer sponsored content that blends seamlessly with your platform, enhancing user experience and driving higher click-through rates.

Custom Placements

Expand beyond traditional ads with placement opportunities across OOH, influencers. site sponsorships, exclusive site ads, and more.

Publishers Earn More With Hobbzi

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More than Google Adsense
How it Works

3 Ways We Partner With Publishers


End-to-End Management

Our dedicated account team will be with you every step of the way, working closely to understand your unique needs and goals. From campaign setup to performance monitoring and optimization, we handle the intricacies of ad sales, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional content.


Custom Revenue Strategies

We believe in tailoring strategies to your specific requirements. Our account team collaborates with you to design custom revenue strategies that maximize your monetization potential. With our industry expertise and data-driven insights, we help you unlock new revenue streams and achieve sustainable growth.


Supplemental Sales

Already have a sales team in place? We seamlessly integrate with your current sales process, providing additional brand partnership opportunities that result in extra revenue. Our collaborative approach ensures that you benefit from our extensive network of advertisers, expanding your monetization options without disrupting your existing workflow.

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